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Need an Experienced Copywriter?

Are you working on launching your start-up? Or are you an established business looking to expand your web presence? No matter where you are in your business’s journey – I have the experience and know-how to help your brand thrive online!

You want a writer who is prepared not only to promote your products but tell the story of your brand or business. That means accurately depicting who you are, what your mission statement is or what your goals are. It’s not all about writing appealing product descriptions. Great copy will build trust in your brand and the product or service you bring to the table.

Choosing a copywriter is just as essential to your business as the product you sell – and you certainly want someone who is reliable and experienced in writing marketing copy of all sorts. 

I've written for markets including cannabis, real estate, law, synthetic grass, essential oils and more. My research often goes above and beyond - leaving me with ideas for future content when I can't fit it all into one piece. 

With almost six years experience creating marketing copy for brands across numerous industries I'm prepared to create high-quality content for your company.

What Services Do I Offer?


  • Various word counts (short: 400-600, medium: 800-1,300, long: 1,500-2,000 or longer)
  • Thorough research
  • Fully proofread and edited content
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Hyperlinks to relevant and authoritative sources
  • On-going and One-Time Projects
  • Choose just content, content and images, or “full service” including posting to WordPress and on-page SEO


  • Cover almost any subject
  • You determine the word count
  • Thorough research, citing proven facts, statistics or scientific findings from published medical journals
  • Cover art, infographics and .PDF formatting available

White Papers

  • Cover almost any subject
  • You determine the word count
  • Thorough research, citing proven facts, statistics or scientific findings from published medical journals
  • Infographics and .PDF formatting available

E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

  • Promote your product or service in a series of emails
  • Minimum 5 emails per series – you determine the max
  • Eye-catching, “must-open,” headlines; entertaining and compelling copy; hyperlinks to your product/service/sale/etc.
  • Great for pre-sales and product launches when you have an existing audeince

Social Media Campaigns

  • Attention grabbing posts for your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account
  • Images, links and keyword #hashtags included in every post
  • Minimum posts included depends on the social media service – or if it’s a package for multiple social media channels
  • Perfect to direct people toward a specific blog post, product, press release or to generate traffic for your blog and website

Website Copy

  • Compelling story telling tactics provide a captivating overview of your company/community/product/brand
  • Colorful and detailed product descriptions provide customers with a clear understanding of what you are providing whether it be a product or service
  • Search Engine Optimized content
  • Images, infographics and on-page SEO available
  • Individual pages (About, Mission, Products/Services) or packages (incorporates all your websites static page needs) are available

Press Releases

  • Inform the world about your accomplishments, partnerships, acquisitions or product launches
  • Simply provide an overview of your business, the reason for the press release, and a quote from yourself or an important figurehead in your company
  • Eye-grabbing and straight to the point headline; short, informative and concise content; formatted in Word
  • Written and formatted for immediate release unless otherwise notified
  • Quick turn-around (24 hours or less if needed)

Video Scripts

  • Various lengths (30 second to 1 minute script; 1-2 minutes; 3-5 minutes; 10 minutes; 20 minutes; 30 minutes)
  • Content written line for line as an easy-to-read script for your YouTube or other promotional video
  • Can include a short description for your video

How Do I Get a Quote?

You can email julia@rjcreativeservices.com for all copywriting and content writing inquiries and quotes! If you would like more information about the freelance copywriter services provided by Julia.

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